Placement Test: Practical Pramlintide- Making Effective Use of Symlin

1) Symlin’s effects include:

A. Enhanced insulin secretion.
B. Enhanced glucagon secretion.
C. Suppressed insulin secretion.
D. Suppressed glucagon secretion.

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2) Side effects of Symlin include all of the following except:

A. Weight gain.
B. Passive nausea.
C. Hypoglycemia.
D. Stinging at the injection site.

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3) When making the transition to Symlin, it is important to:

A. Take mealtime insulin at least 15 minutes before eating.
B. Make a modest reduction in the mealtime insulin dose.
C. Avoid rapidly-digesting carbohydrates.
D. Check blood sugar 2 hours after each meal.

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4) Which is the proper order for adjusting to Symlin use?

A. First fine-tune the Symlin dose, then fine-tune the insulin dose.
B. First fine-tune the insulin dose, then fine-tune the Symlin dose.
C. Fine-tune the Symlin and insulin doses simultaneously.
D. None of the above.

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5) When is it advisable to not take Symlin?

A. When having a small meal.
B. When consuming a high-glycemic-index meal.
C. When exercise is planned right after eating.
D. When the blood sugar is very high before the meal.

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