Placement Test: Strike The Spike: After-Meal Glucose Control

1) After-meal glucose levels have a major affect on the A1c when:

A. The A1c is greater than 8%.
B. The A1c is less than 7.5%.
C. The spikes are the result of rebounds from hypoglycemia.
D. Mealtime insulin is miscalculated.

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2) To control post-meal glucose spikes, physical activity should be performed:

A. Right after eating.
B. Right before eating.
C. First thing in the morning.
D. 2 hours after eating.

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3) Which food additive has been shown to reduce post-meal glucose rises?

A. Paprika
B. Onion
C. Chili Pepper
D. Vinegar

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4) At most meals, the optimal time for taking bolus insulin (in order to control post-meal spikes) is:

A. 30-45 minutes pre-meal.
B. 15-20 minutes pre-meal.
C. Immediately before eating.
D. Immediately after eating.

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5) Which food would be least likely to cause an after-meal glucose spike?

A. Whole wheat bread.
B. A baked potato (skin on).
C. Whole-grain pasta.
D. Instant brown rice.

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So How did you do?